Classes are split into  several differing levels of ability and strength and levels are set out below:


If you haven’t taken  part in a pilates class before, or have been put off by large group class where you “didn’t feel you were doing it right” or “didn’t fit in”, then this is an ideal class for you.  During the session you will be focusing on building up stabilisation, balance and strength whilst increasing flexibility and range of movement.  This hour will fly as you focus completely on your body and both its strengths  and weaknesses, whilst at the same time reaping the benefits of relaxation for the mind and body.


This class is ideal for those participants who have completed a beginners course and are seeking to  take their session to the next level, or those who have had a break from their pilates for one reason or another.  It provides a greater degree of challenge and small equipment is used throughout in order that the participant is able to increase their stabilisation and strength.


This is for those participants seeking a more dynamic workout challenge.  Providing a full body workout whilst still focusing on the principles of stabilisation through the shoulders, core and pelvis  Working all major muscle groups and providing a challenging and enjoyable class.


Creating a release of the soft tissue within the body using trigger points enables changes to be made within the myofascial structures by stretching and lengthening the fascia.  This training method enhances your matwork session by using small, specialised equipment together with your own bodyweight, breathing and movement.  Trigger point pilates helps to alleviate chronically painful conditions and constant muscular tightness, helping to  release muscular restrictions and enhance functional movement.


Used in both private and group sessions, the pilates reformer has adjustable springs which allow for progressive resistance for our clients.

The reformer has a gliding carriage upon which the participant can sit, stand, kneel or lie.  This equipment provides a controlled and effective workout for both muscles and joints without impact.  As progression is made, the fitness challenge becomes significantly greater whilst, at the same time, both lengthening and strengthening the body without building bulk.

Classes are available purely as reformer, or as reformer circuit/matwork.